Planned in collaboration with WICS and Hack at UCI, VenusHacks is UCI's largest women-centric hackathon and will take place both in-person and online!

Our mission is to empower underrepresented groups by providing an inclusive community to foster growth and creativitiy in computing. VenusHacks will be open to participants of all experience levels, as we aim to increase diversity in tech through support, exposure, and community. Join us as we welcome high school (18+), undergraduate, and graduate students to participate in our 36-hour event that includes networking, fun activities, educational workshops, and lots of coding!


Submission Rules:

  • Each team must submit a pre-recorded demo of their hack using the script below.

    • Please keep your demos under 5 minutes (we will not continue watching past the 5 minute mark)!

    • Your demos MUST follow the script + answer all questions to be considered complete.

    • Add the timestamps for the beginning of your answer to each question on your team’s devpost submission page. (e.g. 0:24 → Answer #1, 1:03 → Demo)

    • Upload the video to Youtube and submit the link to Devpost

  • Teams can be a max of 4 people and all must be eligible to participate in this hackathon (i.e. 18 + and current students or graduates of 2021-2022 school year, gap term/year students are eligible)

  • All team members MUST have applied on our website and been accepted as well. Additionally, all members must be in the VenusHack Slack.
  • All team members MUST create a Devpost account and be added to the project submission to be considered part of the team!

  • All hacks will be considered for Best Overall Hack. When submitting your project on DevPost, please specify what category(-ies) your hack belongs to.
  • Your team’s hack MUST relate to the category’s description, otherwise your hack will be immediately disqualified from that category.

  • Any hacks that have been submitted to multiple hackathons happening this weekend will be immediately disqualified from the hackathon! (No Cross-Submission Allowed!)

  • Any rules broken / discovery of a breach in our rules - including after judging and the closing ceremony - will result in a disqualification of your project.

Demo Script:

  1. Detailed description of your hack (include project name, project type (web app, mobile app, etc.), what it does/what it is for, technologies used, targeted audience)

  2. ~Demo Your Project~

  3. What is the potential impact of your hack?

  4. Given more time, what is something you would like to add to your hack?

  5. What was your team’s biggest challenge when creating this project and how did you overcome it?

Hackathon Sponsors


$5,971 in prizes

Best Overall Hack

2022 Apple iPad Air (10.9-inch, Wi-Fi, 64GB) - Blue (5th Generation)

Best Overall Runner Up

Sceptre Curved 24" 75Hz Professional LED Monitor
Keychron Mechanical Keyboard

New Ways to Car Shop (COX Automotive)

Apple Airpods Pro

Best Assembly AI API Hack (Assembly AI)

$50 Cash per person

Best Use of Google Cloud

Google Cloud Branded Backpack

Female Empowerment Hack (WICS)

BlissLights Sky Lite
Lava Lamp 3D Galaxy Moon Lamp

Best UI/UX (Design@UCI)

Sketch License (year subscription)

Best AI Hack (AI@UCI)

Rubik's Connected

Best use of PeterPortalAPI (ICSSC)

$25 Amazon gift card per person

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


VenusHacks Sponsors and Partners

VenusHacks Sponsors and Partners
Misc. Companies and Organizations

ICS Faculty and Staff

ICS Faculty and Staff
University of California, Irvine

VenusHacks Organizers

VenusHacks Organizers
WICS x Hack at UCI

Judging Criteria

  • Technology
    The hack should be fully developed and complete, using a variety of technologies. The more complex the technologies are, the higher points the hack will receive. Technologies should be chosen with purpose, not just for the sake of using that technology.
  • Quality
    The project is designed and weaved together in a way that allows it to seamlessly fulfill the intended purpose. Usage of the product should not be frustrating or difficult to understand.
  • Purpose
    The hack should have a purpose that is impactful to its users. There should be an audience that will benefit from the hack. The more significant and direct the impact is, the higher points the hack will receive.

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